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This is a series of photographs that, at first glance, look like computer generated images, but they are not. A SLR camera, mounted on the ceiling, captured the trail of a pendulum in motion over a period of 15 to 30 seconds. The high quality of the photographs shows us details of every single line giving it a sense of computer based graphics. In a way we 'imitated' mathematically computed images. A pastiche maybe. You could also say they are painted with light.

Only close observation of the photographs allows to reveal its true nature. Some images show small traces of the actual Modus Motus installation in selectively illuminated parts. The tear drop shaped bob at the bottom of the pendulum can be seen in a few of the photographs and thus hinting at the applied technique.

For sale!   All these photographs are produced in a limited series and are being sold separately or as a series.
Format 100cm x 66cm - mounted on Dibond (lightweight, durable and rigid aluminum composite material)
Please contact us for more information.

destelheide dworp

21/10/2008 - 28/02/2009
Dharts / Destelheide, Dworp
Moving Moves exhibition